I Can See Premiere!

I Can See You poster (click to see the whole thing!It’s a good time for Larry Fessenden’s Scarefilix imprint; yesterday we showed you the art work for the production company’s Trigger Man, due out next year (“Ti West’s Trigger Man DVD Specs” – December 2007), and today the Fango fiends got the first look at the poster for another Scareflix, er, flick; Graham Reznick’s directorial debut, I Can See You.

The film will be premiering at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater in NYC on January 6th at 4:45pm (odd time for a premiere, no?), more info for which can be found right here. I Can See You tells of three advertising reps who go to a remote retreat to plan out a new ad campaign for something called ClarActix. Before their work can really begin they’re distracted by a seductive woman as well as the long-lost ClarActix pitchman (played by Larry Fessenden), and trippy horror antics ensue.

I have to say the poster freaks me out a bit, but then I’ve taken a lot of drugs and have actually seen shit like that, so your perception may vary. Check out the official I Can See You site for more freakiness!

Johnny Butane

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  • Terminal

    Holy shit, man. That fucking poster is making me dizzy.

  • Johnny Butane

    Right there with ya.

  • Messiahman

    Ahhh! That poster very nearly makes me have an embolism. Freaky shit that completely plays with your perception.

    Anyway, anything with Fessenden’s name on it immediately has my interest.

Johnny Butane