Zombies Get Chile

Solos: The first Chilean zombie film!Apparently I missed the sad news about Sangre Eterna director Jorge Olguin no longer working on the Clock Tower adaptation; that or the film is in such a state of development hell that he decided to work on some other things while it’s pending. Things like the first Chilean zombie film, The Descendents (aka Solos).

Twitch Film got word on the movie today in the form of a stack of imagery and the news that the official site is now online. Descendents takes place in the middle of a Chilean war zone, where a group of children are trapped with zombies amongst them. The undead are just a side effect of the workings of the true bad guys of the film; the military.

Olguin recently completed work on the fantasy film Caleuche: The Call of the Sea, which has Guillermo del Toro behind it as a producer, so expect you’ll be hearing more on that one soon. Check out the Twitch article for more pics from The Descendants and be sure to visit the official Descendents site to learn more!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane