Six Discs of Grindhouse!

Grindhouse (click for larger image)Are you, like the rest of us, pissed at how Grindhouse was treated on DVD when it was released here in the states? Refuse to buy it until Dimension caves and puts both films and the faux trailers in one set?

Well, your wait for a U.S. release may be eternal, but if you’re not above importing from Japan (and we sure as hell ain’t in the Butane household; you should see our edition of Silent Hill…) you’re going to be smiling ear-to-ear come March 21st.

Horror just got the word on a 6-disc Grindhouse set being released in the land of kaiju and ninjas, along with the specs on each disc. I only have two words for it; Holy. Shit. Check it;

Disc 1: Death Proof (Extended Film).

  • English DTS, English DD, Japanese dub
  • Japanese Theatrical/TV trailers
  • Staff/Cast Profiles (Text)
  • What is Grindhouse? (Text)
  • Disc 2: Planet Terror (Extended Film)

  • English DTS, English DD, Japanese dub
  • Rodriguez commentary
  • International/Japanese trailers
  • Staff/Cast Profiles (Text)
  • What is Grindhouse? (Text)
  • Disc 3: Death Proof bonus materials

  • Special Message to Japan from Tarantino
  • Staff and Cast interviews on Death Proof
  • Stunts on Wheels: The Legendary Drivers of Death Proof (20:39)
  • Introducing Zoë Bell (8:59)
  • Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike (9:34)
  • Finding Quentin’s Gals (21:14)
  • The Uncut Version of “Baby, It’s You” Performed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (1:4Cool
  • The Guys of Death Proof (8:16)
  • Quentin’s Greatest Collaborator: Editor Sally Menke (4:3Cool
  • Double Dare Trailer (2:36)
  • Disc 4: Planet Terror bonus materials

  • 10-Minute Film School (11:52)
  • The Badass Babes of Planet Terror (11:50)
  • The Guys of Planet Terror (16:32)
  • Casting Rebel (05:34)
  • Sickos, Bullets and Explosions: The Stuns of Planet Terror (13:1Cool
  • The Friend, The Doctor and The Real Estate Agent (6:42)

    Disc 5: Grindhouse (191 minute theatrical cut)

  • English DD, Japanese dub
  • Japanese subtitles
  • Disc 6: Japanese only Grindhouse bonus disc (106 minutes)

  • Grindhouse – US Trailer
  • 2006 San Diego Comicon
  • Tarantino Interview (About the homages in Death Proof, About Planet Terror, Use of Music, Possible Sequel to Death Proof)
  • Staff/Cast comments
  • The Directors of the Fake Trailers
  • Coments on past Grindhouse Films
  • Making Of Planet Terror
  • So yeah, like I said; Holy shit. That’s a lot of stuff for one set, but I’m sure’ll be more than worth it for fans, especially when you consider we’ll likely never see anything like it in the States! The set is already up for pre-order on Amazon Japan, feel free to click here and try and decipher all the kanji if you want to pre-order it!

    Johnny Butane

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    • G.D.

      Is this really some crazy amazing set? I mean, we’ve already had the 2-disc DP and PT releases. If they release a 2-disc of the theatrical version of the movie, then that’s equal to what this Japanese set has.

      Also, the trailers are included in the 191 min cut, because I’m fairly certain the theatrical running time was 191 min.

    • Chainsaw

      I am getting this. There’s not even a question.

      God bless you, Japan, and all the hard work that you do, except for all the blurring.

    • Tsotha-lanti

      Part of me actually wants to see “Death Proof” out of morbid curiosity, even if I’ve read the script. If I hadn’t touched the Dread Central boards at all I’d probably have seen it when it still was in theatres, though.

    • thedudeabides

      Yeah, I’m torn also. I love Planet Terror and HATE Death Proof… so I don’t know if I’m going to spend the cash just to get the faux trailers.

    • Tsotha-lanti

      Yay, good thing I’ve waited for this. Hope another R2 version than the Japanese one will be made.

    • -Future_Master_Of_Horror-

      So we don’t get the flaux trailers seperate?
      Are they included in the 191 min cut?

      Sometimes They Come Back 2.5/5
      Lost S3 5/5

    • Terminal

      I’ll wait for the US DVD. I don’t want to spend a shitload on the import and then suddenly find the US version of the SE being released a week later. I’ll think about it.

    • Minion

      So they’re releasing Machete seperately then? Damn. I thought they might slip that in somewhere with the collectors edition.