Lonely Joe Update, New Project Announced

New Lonely Joe still (click to see it bigger!)Despite, or maybe because of, the fact that most of Hollywood is shut down for at least another week, the folks at Emmemax Films are still working night and day to finish their first feature, Lonely Joe, which we gave you an update on a few weeks back (“Filming Wraps on Lonely Joe” – November 2007).

They’re also setting things up for their next feature which they formerly announced today. The film is called The Mirrors of Longreach Mansion and, even though it sounds like an entry in the Lemony Snicket series, the story is a straightforward horror tale about a family who move into the titular mansion, in which every room is covered with mirrors from floor to ceiling, each of which holding a trapped soul. The only way to release said soul is to break a mirror, which we have to assume happens at least once in the movie lest there be no story…

New Lonely Joe still (click to see it bigger!)Mirrors of Longreach Mansion will be the next directorial effort for Lonely Joe helmer and Emmemax Films president Michael Coonce, with production set to role out early next year.

Back on the Lonely Joe front, the film is currently being eyeballed by After Dark Films and Lionsgate for a possible release, so best of luck to them! In case you had forgotten, the film stars Erica Leershen (Wrong Turn 2) as a girl who returns to her hometown to find out what happened to her brother as well as the 30 or so other people who have dissapeared from there in the past decade.

Check out the official Lonely Joe site for more and keep it on Dread Central for Mirrors of Longreach Mansion updates as they come down!

Johnny Butane

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