The Foycast: Top 10 Worst Direct-to-Video Movies of 2007

The first ever Foycast is here!You know the old saying, “Careful what you wish for?” Some of you apparently wished for a special edition of Dinner For Fiends consisting entirely of me rambling about movies good and bad – mostly bad. Well, you got it. God help us all.

A few days before Christmas, myself and special guest co-host Uncle Creepy recorded the very first ever “Foy-Cast“. When you’re suffering from a cold, have had very little sleep for the past two days, and are hopped up on an energy drink – what better time to record a podcast? That can certainly make things all the more interesting. For example, like when you have an entire introduction planned out in your head and then the moment you begin recording you forget everything you’d plan to say and just start raving like a lunatic instead. Thankfully, the soothing melodies of the greatest movie theme song of all time helped calm me down enough to bring you this very special podcast. A Dinner for Foy, if you will.

I spent nearly an hour – depending on how much judicious post-production editing has taken place – talking about how I got into the whole Internet movie reviewing thing, why I subject myself to bad movies, clearing up a few misconceptions some people seem to have about my viewing habits, running down my annual top 10 list of the worst direct-to-DVD horror movies of 2007, and whatever else was going through my mind at the time (much of which I’ve already forgotten), before wrapping it all up by telling everyone about one of the greatest “so bad it’s good” movies you’ll probably never see but you should.

All the while, for added comic effect, poor Uncle Creepy is forbidden from being his usual foul-mouthed self under penalty of severe cinematic punishment. It’s like I neutered the poor bastard.

Hope you all enjoy this first edition of The Foycast! Download the first show from the links below and remember; “Be careful what you wish for!”

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    • Uncle Creepy

      Next one’s on the way

    • CrimsonKing82

      Hey Foy
      When are you planning on having your next FoyCast?! Miss you and Creepy slaughtering my MP3 airwaves! Nothing like laughing to a Creepy/Foy joke and having everyone on the subway looking at me as I laugh my ass off!
      Anyway, hopefully soon, and if the Dinner for Fiends boys are reading this…same to you! Lets get this great shit up to once a week! I mean when you can make a Festival fun for a guy that isn’t even going over a podcast, some fuckers are doing something right!
      Peace Gore and all that shit!

      Feast – The Only Movie Were you Can see a Tiny Monster Fuck Start a Woman’s face and prove she is a spitter….

    • Foywonder

      “HOW is this the WORST of what was direct to video, when you keep sending my wife the stuff that even YOU don’t want to watch?

      Sounds like FOX NEWS just took over Dread Central to me…”

      And some of the stuff I sent Melissa this year wasn’t nearly as bad as stuff I sent her last year. Trust me when I tell you I got a few things I could have sent her way with instructions to make sure you watch it with her. Oh, yes, there will be some Ulli Lommel in your 2008 future!

      As I said, I haven’t seen everything that came out. Unfortunately, due to the audio problems, I do believe the line I said about how this is a pretty reliable sampling of the worst of the worst.

      Fair and balanced.
      I report, you decide.

    • DW Bostaph Jr

      HOW is this the WORST of what was direct to video, when you keep sending my wife the stuff that even YOU don’t want to watch?

      Sounds like FOX NEWS just took over Dread Central to me…

    • Kyle Reese

      You just saved my fucking life on the train ride into work this morning – thank you Foy.

    • Foywonder

      It is ironic that I made such a statement just before and this podcast get posted just after I started getting into it with people on the board over AVP-R. Irony indeed.

      I really am going to have to go back and relisten to it myself simply because I don’t remember much of what I said. I wasn’t kidding about how semi-out of it I was that day from cold and lack of sleep. But as long as that wonderful theme song is there all will be right with the world.

    • Terminal


      Holy shit, you guys fucking mentioned me?! You wanna go to war?! We’ll go to War!! Mwahaha! Creepy fucking loves me, you know you do, man, you love me.

      And when have I NOT let people have their opinions? Name one example. Seriously, only one, please.

      Foy, man, I’d love to have a rebuttal on your show one of these days. The offer is on the table.

      Seriously, not only was that fucking hysterical, but goddamn I loved it.

    • Terminal

      FOY EMERGES! Foy, this show rocked my ass like a prisoner on a pedophile. Keep rocking.