B-Sides: Iggy Pop Wants to Know Why Freddy Was Born

"Why was I born?" That is the refrain Iggy Pop frequently asks in his song about everyone's favorite dream demon. I think the obvious answer to the question as to why Freddy Krueger was born is "to make money". Not the answer Mr. Pop is looking for, but the most honest answer nonetheless.

Fittingly enough, the song asking why Freddy was born adorns the end credits of his death knell, Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. As we all know, that movie wasn’t really the last movie because as I already stated, Freddy was born to make money.

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare was such a terrible sequel that even if it hadn't been billed as the "final" film in the series, it might have still killed off the franchise. As it would turn out, the only way to truly kill off Freddy Krueger was to let Platinum Dunes remake him in its image. That turned out to be the best way to kill off Jason Voorhees as well.

The final moments of Freddy Krueger's film career (before being reborn as a meta movie by Wes Craven, starring in a crossover movie fighting Jason, and getting rebooted into oblivion by a Platinum Dunes remake) was an end credits montage of career highlights set to the tune of this weekend’s B-Sides, a Freddy Krueger anthem performed by Iggy Pop named after its primary refrain, "Why Was I Born?"

B-Sides: Iggy Pop Wants to Know Why Freddy Was Born

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Awesome song. Iggy Pop rocks!!! The ending credits, the song, and the very short 3-D sequence. About all I enjoyed from Freddys Dead.

Submitted by JB Demented on Sun, 08/12/2012 - 4:07pm.
Genrewriter's picture

The thing that makes me chuckle about this is not so much the song but the instrumental bit that comes right after it that ends the credits. Not often you get a jaunty number like that to end a horror movie. Probably for a good reason.

Submitted by Genrewriter on Sun, 08/12/2012 - 1:39am.

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