Subtitled Trailer for L: Change the World!

L: Change the World subtitled trailer!Since the project was announced we’ve been referring to L as a prequel to the Death Note films; this was inaccurate and for that we apologize. The person who supplied us with that information will be thoroughly punished, don’t worry.

First of all, the film is actually called L: Change the World and focuses on the strange, candy-loving detective’s last 23 days on Earth. The problem for the rest of you guys is if you haven’t seen either Death Note films, you really won’t be able to see L: Change the World since it is, technically, a sequel.

I bring all this up because 24 FPS reports that a new trailer for L: Change the World has found it’s way onto YouTube with some English subtitles and though it looks heavily melodramatic, which I’m sure has a lot to do with director Hideo Nakata not being able to lighten up, I still can’t wait to see it. L: Change the World will be out in Japan on February 9th, 2008 but no word on when it or the Death Note films will be making their way to our side of the pond.

For now just enjoy the trailer below (try and ignore the Lenny Kravitz song … God I hate Lenny Kravitz) and keep you eyeballs here for more info!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • joykimlee

    Finally watched L on the 2nd lunar day of CNY Feb 8, a day before the official Feb 9 opening. Yokatta!

    L is sooo cute, cunning n candylicious. Totemo kawaii to kakkoii desho ne.

    He is Lawliet aka Eru Roraito. He usually lives in America. He works with the FBI. He writes his own name in Death Note to die a peaceful heart attack in 23 days. He kills Kira (the black one). He eat candies of all shapes from a skewer. He types fast with 2 fingers. He mourns for Watari. He receives N as a gift from F. He babysits for the first time. He speaks Engrishi well. He uses a pig mask to camouflage his face. He has a new FBI partner Sugura. He has a pink Angel Crepe van as contingent home office on the run. He feels different when a girl leans on his shoulder. He runs like a hunchback robot. He tries to walk with a straighten back but it’s too difficult. He saves K to change the world!

    Sugoi! Honto ni must watch for all Desu Noto fans. Or watch it if u luv Matsuken. 5 stars.