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Marvel Zombies!A zombie plague rips through an unsuspecting earth, but this little green planet isn’t the normal one we live, eat and watch Romero on. This is the Marvel Universe, where the first victims of the outbreak are super powered, leaving humans with no chance in hell of survival. To bring a slight twist to the theme, the more meat the heroes ingest, the more they are able to think and operate like their old selves. Sure, they still want to chow down on anything that’s still warm and squishy, but they are cognizant enough to crack jokes and try and figure out what is happening to them. Wackiness ensues.

Marvel Zombies!Diamond Select Toys brings us the one thing missing from our collection since the first Marvel exec uttered the title of their new horror “What if” thriller. MARVEL ZOMBIES FIGURES!! Colonel America, Spider-Man and Hulk get dead-ified, immortalized in plastic and painted up in those rich, fall-like walking corpse colors. Colonel America comes with his shield and a convenient pop-top for easy brain access. Each figure also comes with an inter-connecting base featuring the Silver Surfer, who appears to need some assembly himself.

Note for the collectors. Marvel Select is done in a 7 inch scale, so the Colonel and Spidey will be out of scale with your current Marvel Legends, but Hulk can slide right in. Of course, this size puts the trio in scale with McFarlane Movie Maniacs, SOTA’s Now Playing and NECA’s Cult Classics, so all the little horror monkeys can play together in peace and harmony.

Each figure will set you back 20 bones a pop and are in stores NOW.

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Marvel Zombies! Marvel Zombies! Marvel Zombies!

Marvel Zombies!


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