The Ruins Trailer

Been waiting for the first look at Carter Smith’s adaptation of Scott Smith’s novel The Ruins? You know, the killer plant movie? Well the wait is over! Atom Films got their hands on the first teaser trailer for The Ruins and have shared it for all the world to see. Check it out below!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • DW Bostaph Jr

    i cannot wait.. this is my big must see for 2008… after cloverfield

  • Krazy Eyes

    Not a bad looking trailer but I wish it wasn’t as spoilerish as it is. Considering that there are so few characters I think it’s a mistake to show any of them coming to harm in any way since it’s not too hard to guess their eventual fates.

  • thedudeabides

    I really dislike computer FX lately. I could go on a looong rant about it, but I’ll spare you guys that…

  • Johnny Butane

    Done wrong they’ll look like the Mist tentacles.

  • thedudeabides

    I was going to say “Why is everyone dumbing down the description of the book as ‘the killer plant one'” when there is such a psycological mind fuck slant to the book, but then I saw the snaking plants in this trailer, I realized that basic summary was pretty accurate.

    I think the trailer looked pretty good. As a fan of the book, I can see the events playing out. I like what I see here. But, I was hoping for some non-CGI plant action, but in this day of computer effects I don’t know why I was even hoping that they were going to go with practical FX.

    If done right, the computer effects for the plants could look really good. Done “wrong” then we’ll have blurry plant tendril attacks where the plants move like lightening fast snakes.

    I’m hoping the movie keeps the novels sense of hopelessness and sense of mounting dread.