Buzz Growing Around HP Mendoza's I Am A Ghost

Receiving killer reviews from such sources as Variety Magazine, The Philadelphia Examiner and SF Weekly, writer/director HP Mendoza's indie film I Am A Ghost is definitely drawing interest.

With the majority of the film being shot in San Francisco, I Am A Ghost stars Anna Ishida and Jeannie Barroga. Ishida won the Special Jury Best Actress Award at this year's Mix Mexico Film Festival to go along with Mendoza's SF Weekly Best New Director Award.

For more on the film, visit the official I Am A Ghost website, like I Am A Ghost on Facebook and follow I Am A Ghost on Twitter (@iamaghostfilm). Thanks to Avery G for the tip on this up and coming indie!

Taking place in a single Victorian house during an indeterminable time period, I Am A Ghost is a supernatural mystery that explores identity mixing experimental non-linear filmmaking with classic haunted house spookiness.

Emily (Anna Ishida), a troubled spirit, haunts her own house every day, wondering why she can’t leave. With the help of Sylvia (Jeannie Barroga), a clairvoyant hired to rid the house of spirits, Emily is forced into a ‘patient/therapist’ relationship, uncovering disturbing mysteries about her past that may help her move on to ‘the next place.’

Spooky, atmospheric and experimental, I Am A Ghost is the second narrative feature from H.P. Mendoza (writer of Colma: The Musical and director of Fruit Fly).

Buzz Growing Around HP Mendoza's I Am A Ghost

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