DVD Releases: Hatchet Vs. Halloween!

Check out what’s hitting shelves just in time for Christmas on Tuesday, December 18th, 2007…

Click to see the art larger!Alien Vs. Hunter (2007)
Directed by Scott Harper

Here’s one we’ve been hearing about courtesy of The Foywonder for a while now. You know his fascination with The Asylum and their entire line of mockbusters, cheap rip-offs of big budget horror films, and here is the latest. The story is as simple as it can get: A galactic chase leads two aliens to Earth, where humans are caught in the middle of it. Expect a review of Alien Vs. Hunter very soon! Buy it here!

Click to see the art larger!Boy Eats Girl (2006)
Directed by Ernie Barbarash

Despite its title sounding way too similar to a porno I’m familiar with, this UK import is actually a RomZomCom; yes, a Romantic Zombie Comedy. You can read our Boy Eats Girl DVD review for more, but let me just tell you that there’s a good bit of zombie carnage at the end that involves a ton of the undead and a large farming vehicle. Other than that the humor is “eh”, the effects are okay, and the cover is sadly a rip-off of Shaun of the Dead. Course it’s better than most of the tripe out there these days, so there’s a recommendation. Buy it here!

Click to see the art larger!The Evil Dead: The Ultimate Edition (1983)
Directed by Sam Raimi

Instead of telling you guys how stupid it is that Anchor Bay has released yet another edition of Evil Dead on DVD, I just want to point out that this is, aside from the Book of the Dead release, the best cover for Raimi’s first flick on DVD to date. So there’s reason enough to buy it, right? Three discs of Evil Dead-y goodness await you if you do, and from what I’ve read, it seems like it’s worth a purchase. Check out our Evil Dead: Ultimate Edition DVD review for more! Buy it here!

Click to see the art larger!Evilmaker Double Feature (2000/2003)
Directed by John Bowker

Wow, I can’t believe someone out there is still making these badly Photoshopped covers that give you the impression that yes, this might be a horror movie but it also might be softcore porn with some blood. Only one way to find out! Which is by reading this: They are horror movies with boobs. The story in Evilmaker is the standard girls-go-to-beach-to-have-fun-but-instead-are-stalked-by-killer scenario; Abomination: Evilmaker II finds a family member of the first killer looking to finish what they started. Buy it here!

Click to see the art larger!Halloween (2007)
Directed by Rob Zombie

All right, here we go. Those of you who didn’t get out to see this when it was in theaters, and judging by the box office numbers that wasn’t many of you, finally get the chance to figure out what the fuss was all about. The fuss being that this movie, from top to bottom, sucks. Not everyone feels the same (see those box office numbers again), so go ahead and check it out and form your own opinion. For an idea of what you’re in for, be sure to read our Halloween DVD review for more! Buy it here!

Click to see the art larger!Hatchet (2006)
Directed by Adam Green

Wow, that’s funny; I never even made the connection that both Hatchet and Halloween were out on the same day; I wonder how this will affect those who get them both and watch ‘em back to back for the first time. That’d be fun to do, actually. I will tell you this: Hatchet is a helluva lot funnier than Halloween with much better acting and kills that should make Michael Myers curl up and suck his thumb. Check out our Hatchet DVD review for more, and if you do watch both of them for the first time back–to-back, post here and let us know what you think! Buy it here!

Click to see the art larger!Horror From South of the Border, Volume 1
Directed by Various

A collection of, you guessed it, horror movies from Mexico! The cover’s not really all that great, but what can you expect for bargain-priced DVD collections these days? Not a lot, that’s what. Inside you’ll find both Vacation of Terror and Vacation of Terror 2 (wow!) as well as Hell’s Trap, Cemetery of Terror, Grave Robbers, The Demon Rat (!) and Don’t Panic, which I’m sure has little or nothing to do with Douglas Adams, sadly. Buy it here!

Click to see the art larger!Invasion (2005)
Directed by Albert Pyun

A meteor carrying an unknown infection crashes near the small town of Lawton, CA. A farmer is the first one infected by its disease, attacking the local police force and infecting them as well. As the disease spreads, one girl is left to fight her way out of a forest and try to put an end the deadly infection before it’s too late. Buy it here!

Click to see the art larger!Legend of Dinosaurs & Monster Birds (1977)
Directed by Junji Kurata

Since the time when legends could be passed down, the area around Mt. Fuji has been said to be a hot spot of dinosaur activity, despite reports that they were extinct. A geologist and his female photographer decide to explore the area to see what they can find and document, just as bizarre weather changes awaken a Plesiosaur in a nearby lake and a Pterosaur’s egg hatches. Now the explorers are getting way more than they bargained for and discover a new level of danger. Buy it here!

Click to see the art larger!On Bloody Sunday (2007)
Directed by Christian Sesma

Attempting to find a few good parties, an online journalist (!) manages to catch the attention of a vicious serial killer by the name of Azrael. Pretty soon it’s discovered that said vicious serial killer has a thing against MySpace and wants anyone and everyone who uses it to be dead. Must have not gotten any friend requests in a while. Apparently there’s a journey of self-discovery and a tale of first love in here as well, but something tells me it’s not handled too well. Buy it here!

Click to see the art larger!Surveillance (2006)
Directed by Fritz Kiersch

From the director of Children of the Corn comes a tale that has nothing to do with corn! Wow! Armand Assante stars in Surveillance as a mall security guard who boasts of his perfect work record. His bosses and fellow employers think he’s great, but it’s all a mask built up to hide the horrible, evil things he does when no one’s looking, including blackmail, deception and murder. Buy it here!

Johnny Butane

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  • Terminal

    Ah, I see now, Foy.

    Well, “Van Helsing” IS kind of underrated, he said with a chortle. I really cant take people who like 2007 “Halloween” seriously. Sorry.

  • thedudeabides

    Blake’s 7 is set in the future, in a time when the Earth and many other planets are ruled by the totalitarian Terran Federation. Roj Blake, played by Gareth Thomas, is a political dissident convicted on a trumped-up charge and sentenced to deportation to a penal colony on a remote planet. The darker nature of the plotline begins here with the nature of the trumped up charges against him that amount to child molestation. With the help of his fellow prisoners, Blake escapes during transport and gains control of an advanced alien spacecraft, the Liberator which he uses to strike back against the Federation. He receives somewhat reluctant support from the rest of his crew, who are fellow escapees. Whereas Blake is an idealist freedom fighter, the others are criminals, including petty crooks, smugglers and killers. Above all there is Kerr Avon, played by Paul Darrow, a technical genius more interested in saving his own skin and seeking personal wealth than striking a blow for freedom, ironically a psychopath with a conscience as it turns out. Later on in the series, when Blake is separated from his crew, Avon takes over, confirming the inherent duality in his personality and the loyalty he had for Blake’s vision, but he still remains a target for the forces of the Federation.

    The series was originally set to conclude at the end of its third season, but was unexpectedly renewed for a further season at the last moment, after a BBC continuity announcer mistakenly said it would “return next year”. This made some changes to the format of the show necessary, including introducing a new spacecraft, Scorpio. Aware that renewal for a fifth season was unlikely, the production team decided to devise a memorable conclusion for the series, leaving the final fate of the main characters highly ambiguous. For this reason, what happened after the final episode has been the subject of much debate and fan fiction among aficionados of the series.

    Blake’s 7 has proved to be influential on many science fiction series, including Babylon 5, Farscape, Hyperdrive, Aeon Flux (especially Servalan) and Firefly[1]. It was one of the first television series to end its seasons on cliffhangers. The rights to the series are currently held by an independent production company, B7 Productions, who brought Blake’s 7 back as a series of original audio adventures in Spring 2007. They are also pursuing the possibility of a live action return for the series.

  • Foywonder

    “Wow, is it a full moon today or something? Yikes Fireflyfan.

    JB ALWAYS gives his own views during this DVD run down, why is it that a crappy movie would inspire such vitriol from you all of a sudden?”

    Terminal, you clearly weren’t here during FireFlyFan’s “Van Helsing was great! Why does everyone hate it?” phase.

    Coincidentally, he also ranted against our editorialized style of news reporting then too. Nothing new here. Same old record.

  • Terminal

    Eye no hau 2 speel.

  • RingoJ

    It’s “their” not “they’re”

  • Terminal

    Wow, is it a full moon today or something? Yikes Fireflyfan.

    JB ALWAYS gives his own views during this DVD run down, why is it that a crappy movie would inspire such vitriol from you all of a sudden?

    Chill out a bit. It’s THEY’RE site, let them say whatever they want.

    And Sirand: Surprising, isn’t it? Sheesh.

  • Johnny Butane

    Then Fireflyfan, you are on the wrong site. How you could’ve missed that we’re opinionated motherfuckers for all these years is beyond me.

  • Sirand

    Someone actually LIKED RZ’s Halloween?

  • Fireflyfan

    But I don’t give a shit what a news editor thinks. That’s why it’s a news site, ya dig?

    I wouldn’t want to see a news broadcast where the anchors tell me what they think about current events or their opinions, so movie news sites are no different.

    Plus people who thought RZ’s Halloween sucked are just fuckin wrong.

  • Johnny Butane

    She’s not really “running around” so much as she is “bruised and battered on the floor”, however… so I guess it depends what you’re into.

  • Blockbuster

    Damn! I think I missed the *unedited* Mr. Fuji comment. I truly do suck. Oh…and come on…when Danielle Harris is running around NAKED, that makes for a good movie…or at least a good five minutes.

  • Uncle Creepy

    Firefly Fan, did you even finish reading what he wrote?

    “Not everyone feels the same way”

  • Terminal

    Yeah that’s what they’re doing. *rolls eyes*

  • Fireflyfan

    Halloween sucked? Boy am I glad news sites tell me my opinion now!

  • thedudeabides

    But we love you Johnny. Especially when you were frontman of the band Clutch.

    Whatdya mean Barque’s has bite?

  • Terminal

    Ah, Mr. Fuji, quite a man.

  • Johnny Butane

    I hate you guys. So much.

  • thedudeabides

    That’s a big area. The Reverend Slick has been known to be sighted there.

  • Chainsaw

    Wait…did you say the area around Mr. Fuji?