The Vampire Diaries Nets A Badass

The Vampire Diaries is picking up another actor who will soon be making life hell for the fanged ones on the CW drama. At least, I assume so. I've never seen an episode and don't plan on starting now. But regardless, this guy looks like he should be able to take a few of those evil sons of bitches out!

TV Guide is reporting that Todd Williams (In Plain Sight) will join the series in its fourth season as Connor, "a mysterious and powerful new vampire hunter who comes to Mystic Falls."

That's all we know right now, but if you know Dread Central, then you can rest assured we'll be bringing you the latest and greatest on this one.

As previously reported: We have more details on Connor, previously described as a "scary hot, highly trained killing machine." His full name is Connor Owens, and he'll also make an appearance in Episode 4.02. He shows Damon a folder of notes he's been keeping and threatens Damon. Connor and Tyler (Michael Trevino) argue over each of them having something that the other wants (knowledge of how a curse is triggered and the location of a particular stone).

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Source: TV Guide



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