Snakes in Taradise

Snakes on a skank?Got an e-mail the other night forwarded to me from another staff member alerting us to the existence of a new killer snake movie called Vipers starring professional party whore and part-time actress Tara Reid. The overly excited e-mail described the film as following, “People are calling it Snakes on a Plane meets Deep Blue Sea – without Sam Jackson”. As you can see, it’s hard to write about the subject of a killer snake movie starring Tara Reid without the tone getting incredibly snarky.

So after doing a little investigating (i.e. I Googled it!), I’ve come across what little info I could about Vipers. Seems the plot has to do with a set of vipers mutated by scientists in order to help develop a cure for cancer. Naturally, the experiment goes awry. The mutated vipers escape into the woods and being killing the residents of the small town of Eden Cove.

Co-starring alongside the nipple-slipping starlet are Jonathan Scarfe (who played Jesus Christ in the 2004 TV movie Judas) and Claire Rankin, recently seen in a recurring role on “Stargate: Atlantis”. No word on what role Tara Reid plays in all this, but so help me God, if they actually had the audacity to cast her as a scientist… Look; when even Uwe Boll disses your acting talents then you know you got problems.

Interestingly enough, Vipers actually managed to make news on some of the various online celebrity gossip sites as Tara Reid was rumored to have been a terror on the set to the point that the director began bad-mouthing her behind her back. The film’s director, Bill Corcoran, contradicted these reports by telling OK Magazine, “I don’t understand where these false reports are coming from. They can’t be further from the truth. Tara has been a delight to direct.” No word on what he said about her off the record.

Principal photography on Vipers only just wrapped about two weeks ago, so don’t expect to see the completed film until sometime well into 2008.

The Foywonder

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  • Kryten Syxx

    She is probably a great girl when sober … it’s just getting her to that point is the real bitch.