Forsythe Rigs The Platform

Forsythe Rigs The PlatformFresh from threatening to crawl over and skull fuck us in Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake, William Forsythe has moved from Haddonfield victim to an offshore oil rig in The Platform, a new creature feature currently in post-production for Workshop Pictures that sounds a little like an updating of the 1981 TV movie The Intruder Within.

Filmed on location aboard an actual oil rig in Morgan City, Louisiana, The Platform casts William Forsythe as part of a small crew trying to lock down an exploratory oil rig before a hurricane hits. They soon all find themselves stuck on the rig for the night as the storm rages around them, but the hurricane will prove to be the least of their problems. The rig had begun drilling in a new area days earlier and in doing so disturbed the habitat of a previously unknown creature. Trapped on the storm-ravaged rig with nowhere to run, they must survive the night as a lethal lifeform picks them off one-by-one.

The monster stalking The Platform, which was directed by Peter Atencio, who also co-wrote the script with C.W. Fallin and Scott Martin, was built by Davis Fandino and Matt Mastrella, whose work can be seen in both Alien vs. Predator movies. They also aided with the bringing Venom to life for Spider-Man 3. Atencio has stated that his goal was to do a movie without the use of CGI other than for the greenscreening of certain backdrops, and for that I applaud him.

A very fleeting glimpse or two of the mysterious creature can be seen in the early teaser trailer Atencio has up on his website. Though there’s no denying this looks like a monster movie mining very familiar territory, the use of practical effects and my personal longing for a decent monster movie set aboard an oil rig gives me hope that The Platform won’t come up dry.

BONUS FUN FACT: In trying to Google “William Forsythe” and “The Platform” together in hopes of finding more information about the film, it turns out there’s also a famous dancer named William Forsythe and platform is a word that comes up an awful lot when discussing dance performances. Try to envision the William Forsythe we all know performing ballet and it’ll seem a lot funnier.


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