The Women of Jake West’s Doghouse

Doghouse women!Haven’t heard much from Jake (Evil Aliens) West in a while. Last we heard he was prepping his latest film, Doghouse, and that things were moving along nicely. Today Twitch got word that the Doghouse site has received a major overhaul and I’ll be damned if they weren’t right!

A ton of concept art like the one you see to your right, a video chat with West about the movie, a super-detailed synopsis and a lot more are just some of the things you’ll now find at the official Doghouse site.

Doghouse follows a group of men who take one of their buddies out for the weekend to help him get over his messy divorce. As luck would have it, they just so happen to find themselves in a village that’s been overrun by homicidal women, affected by a toxin in the air that makes them insane. Well, more insane than women usually are.

There’s lots of good stuff to plunge through so get clicking!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane