Dinner for Fiends: Viva la Indie!

New Dinner for Fiends now available!Indie films are really what our genre is all about. That’s where the Next Big Thing almost always comes from; just a guy (or a gal) with a vision and enough money to get it on screen. It’s a staple of what makes us horror fans, and something we talk about way more often than any other sub-genre.

So Kryten Syxx, Uncle Creepy, Melissa Bostaph, The Buz and Andrew Kasch decided to make a Dinner for Fiends devoted solely to what makes the indie film good, and drop numerous titles that you will likely want to run out and see immediately. If so, tell ‘em Dread Central sent you!

Get clicking below to check out the latest installment, and be sure to drop us a line with show suggestions and comments, good or bad (though we prefer good)!

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  • Johnny Butane

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