Dawson’s Beast

Eye fo the Beast this weekend!Remember James Van Der Beek? Remember “Dawson’s Creek”? Remember Varsity Blues and The Rules of Attraction? Van Der Beek sure did seem poised for superstardom. How quickly things change. Welcome to the Sci-Fi Channel, bucko!

This Saturday night at 9/8 Central on the Sci-Fi Channel will see the premiere of Eye of the Beast, if you ask me a rather odd title for a movie about a giant squid. James Van Der Beek plays a scientist (stop laughing!) who has to save a rural Canadian fishing community from a giant squid that has invaded their previously tranquil lake, eaten up the fish, and is now starting to snack on the locals. Toss in some tension between white locals and Native Americans, a boat load of recycled Jaws clichés, and plenty of non-Japanese school girl rape tentacle action and you got yourself the making of a brand new Sci-Fi Channel Saturday night original movie.

Eye of the Beast is brought to us by RHI Entertainment as the latest in a string of (lame) killer animal flicks they’ve unloaded onto the Sci-Fi Channel, such as Blood Monkey, Maneater, Grizzly Rage, and In the Spider’s Web. There’s more to come, too!

For example: The Hive, starring ex-“Dukes of Hazzard” co-star Tom Wopat as scientist who has to save the world from alien-controlled flesh-eating super ants. Better believe that’s Sci-Fi Channel bound.

The Foywonder

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