CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of the Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show on DVD

Looking to add a bit of spice to your DVD collection this summer? Then you'll want to enter for a chance to win one of three copies of Gabriele Albanesi's Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show we have available for a giveaway. Read on for the details!

All you need to do is send us an E-MAIL HERE including your FULL NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS. We’ll take care of the rest.

Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show (formerly known as In the Mouth of Ubaldo Terzani) was written and directed by Albanesi and stars Giuseppe Soleri as Alessio Rinaldi, Paolo Sassanelli as Ubaldo Terzani, and Laura Gigante as Sara, Alessio’s girlfriend. It co-stars Stefano Fregni, Antonino Iuorio, Francesco Mastrorilli, and Zsuzsanna Ripli. The special effects are by Italian "Wizard of Gore" Sergio Stivaletti, who also collaborated with Albanesi on The Last House in the Woods, so you can be sure there is no shortage of the red stuff.

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A 25-year-old director, gets the charge from a producer to write the script of his first movie with Ubaldo Terzani, a well-known writer of horror novels. Alessio moves into Terzani’s house to start this collaboration, and a strange relationship of psychological dependence grows between them: Ubaldo Terzani unveils his dark side, and Alessio falls into a state of insanity ruled by the script they are creating and the nightmares he has because of it.

Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show

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