Synopsis: Terminated

No silliness this time, please!The only thing that really made me want to see the last Terminator movie wasn’t the action or robotic mayhem. When that first trailer for T3 came on the screen and I heard Dead Can Dance playing while the camera swept over the post-apocalyptic land, I just said, “fuck yeah!” Then I saw the film, DCD was nowhere to be found and the rest of the film was just as disappointing. Perhaps next time we’ll actually get to see the real resistance war.

Bloody Disgusting got their hands on the synopsis for the next installment in the Terminator series. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins will star Christian Bale as a now 30-something John Conner who must rally the remaining humans into a resistance against the ever growing threat known as SkyNet.

Sure, we pretty much knew that was going to be the premise of the film, but there’s a little more that will mix things up. Head on over to BD to see the rest.


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