Hammer Thinking Franchise with The Woman in Black; Daniel Radcliffe Back for Part 2?

We all know that a sequel to the hit Hammer flick The Woman in Black (review here) is well on its way, but the studio seems to be thinking even further ahead than just that. Read on for details.

Bleeding Cool reports that this past Thursday, April 14th, Hammer’s CEO Simon Oakes attended a special screening of The Woman in Black, timed just ahead of the film’s UK DVD and Blu-ray release. Afterwards Oakes dropped the following on fans...

"With a bit of luck, The Woman in Black is sort of like the brand… we won’t count our chickens, but absolutely. Plans are afoot," said Oaks, adding that the next film will be "completely different. Obviously with a different story and cast." However, Oakes also hinted that star Daniel Radcliffe may be back for a small role.

Screenwriter Jon Croker (Desert Dancer) is now developing the screenplay for the next installment in the series, The Woman in Black: Angel of Death, based on an original story by author Susan Hill under development for the past few years and now complete. The film will be brought to the big screen by the same production team behind The Woman In Black. The film will be produced by Exclusive Media, Talisman, Cross Creek Pictures, and Alliance Films in addition to Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment, who will serve as Executive Producer.

Seized by the government and converted into a military mental hospital during World War II, the sudden arrival of disturbed soldiers to Eel Marsh Harsh has awoken its darkest inhabitant. Eve, a beautiful young nurse, is sent to the house to care for the patients but soon realizes she must save them from more than their own demons. Despite Eve’s efforts to stop her, one by one they fall victim to The Woman in Black.

Hammer Thinking Franchise with The Woman in Black; Daniel Radcliffe Back for Part 2?

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Source: Bleeding Cool



I guess Im up for a sequal. TWIB wasnt half bad for a PG-13 flick.

Submitted by JB Demented on Mon, 06/18/2012 - 3:54pm.
kiddcapone's picture

Radcliffe returns in The Woman In Black 2: The Other Side.

Submitted by kiddcapone on Mon, 06/18/2012 - 11:23am.

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