Bait for the Shark Swarm

Drama!!!Coming just a few weeks after we showed you the Shark Swarm poster (“Shark Swarm Poster, Full Synopsis!” – November 2007), RHI Films has now updated their official website with 105 pictures from the fish flick. The pics are small and heavily watermarked, but something is better than nothing.

In case you didn’t visit RHI Films already and saw the detailed synopsis, we’ve got it below…

Full Moon Bay is a quaint California fishing town undergoing change. One man fighting to usher it into the 21st century is eco-terrorist Hamilton Lux (Emmy Award winner Armand Assante, The Odyssey). The industrial millionaire is converting landmarks into tourist traps, constructing a monster of a luxury resort, raping the coast with his drilling, and trying to amass a stranglehold on small businesses—like the fishery run by Daniel and Brook (Daryl Hannah, Kill Bill) Wilder (John Schneider, Smallville). It’s Wilder’s struggle that signals the return of Daniel’s estranged brother, Phillip (Roark Critchlow, Days of Our Lives), a Marine Biology professor. But his welcome back is unsettled by something else threatening Full Moon Bay—it appears that a number of locals have been swallowed up off the Bay coastline, ripped to shreds, and eaten alive.

When EPA agent Amy Zuckerman (Heather McComb, Party of Five) arrives to survey Lux’s questionable developments, she makes an alarming discovery: four beached Bull sharks whose sensory organs exhibit violent tendencies—even after death. But the second anomaly fills her with dread: the unheard of phenomenon of a massive swarm of Great Whites, cutting through the waters in coordinated attack patterns. Enlisting the help of Philip’s mentor, Professor Bill Girdler (Academy Award winner F. Murray Abraham, Amadeus) she soon discovers that corporate shark Lux may be deliberately behind this frightening phenomenon. For Amy, Daniel, and Phillip, the only way to fight the man-eating army that’s growing in strength, number, and hunger is to venture out into the watery terrors. What’s waiting for them is beyond anything they could fathom.

Tourist season becomes feeding time in Shark Swarm, a jaw-snapping, bone-crushing ecological thriller miniseries about the day that nature takes its bloody revenge.

Yes, the sharks kill for pleasure. I cannot wait to see the whole montage of tests McComb runs to figure that conclusion out. To my surprise I did learn that there is no montage but plenty of gore. Works for me.


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