Take a Look at Two Clips from Episode 3 of MTV's Teen Wolf

Two clips from Episode 3 of MTV's "Teen Wolf" have made their way online, and as per usual we have a quick look at them for you right here because we know there's a contingent of you out there who like seeing brooding teens move around shirtless and in slow motion!

Season Two begins when a new member of the Argent family arrives in Beacon Hills, and Scott and Allison are forced to continue their blossoming romance in secret. Derek Hale, obsessed with gaining strength as a new Alpha, begins recruiting for his pack, including newly bitten Jackson. While Derek's final goal includes bringing Scott into his fold, the Argents have begun molding Allison into a skilled werewolf hunter.

“Teen Wolf” stars Tyler Posey (Scott McCall), Crystal Reed (Allison Argent), Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale), Dylan O’Brien (Stiles), Holland Roden (Lydia Martin), and Colton Haynes (Jackson Whittemore).

In this episode Allison finds herself tied up in the Hale house alongside her father.

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Take a Quick Look at Episode 3 of MTV's Teen Wolf

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