Men Who Fell Released Abroad

The Men Who Fell gets released as Biohazard X!It’s been a very long time since we’ve heard anything about the low-budget horror/sci-fi flick The Men Who Fell, which had made us all stand up and take notice when it was being made for how simply badass it looked considering it’s lack of funds.

Thanks to a post in our forums, we’ve learned that those of us with a region-free player will be able to enjoy The Men Who Fell before anyone else; it’s being released on DVD in Japan as Biohazard X on December 21st. Strange that it would see release there before it stakes out its ground in the states, but I guess it’s better than no release at all!

The Men Who Fell follows two prisoners held in an orbiting detention facility above a post-apocalyptic earth. They’re sent down to salvage something … well, let’s just say important, but are told nothing else. They make their way to where the item is believed to be, but something evil and ancient is awaiting them.

Check out the Men Who Fell trailer in Video Dread to see just how good it really looks,and check out the film’s official site to learn more about it. Keep it here for more domestic release info as we learn it!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Caterpillar

    This cover is stunningly shameless in how it resembles the Japanese RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION poster. Then you go and consider that BIOHAZARD is the Japanese title for RESIDENT EVIL and you can only wonder how they can get away with shit like that. It’s a pity because it seems like the film deserves better.

  • Bone Daddy

    Looks engaging. Strikes me as hodge-podge of Aline/Predator/Pitch-Black with a supernatural twist.