Exclusive Images: Real Life Haunting at the Center of House at the End of the Drive

Here at Dread Central filmmakers often approach us with projects that were filmed at haunted locations. Rarely, though, does anyone offer up any real proof of strange things going on; and it's that very proof that has piqued our interest in House at the End of the Drive.

The film, directed by David Worth (The Man with the Screaming Brian), stars James Oliver (Our Fathers, Rescue Dawn), Angela Jones (Pulp Fiction), Jonathan Mangum (Raising Helen, The Bucket List), and Alison Raimondi (Club Dread), co-starring Jessica Szohr ("Gossip Girl") with a special guest appearance by Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Pumpkinhead, Near Dark).

The film is a part-fact/part-fiction story based on producer David Oman's experiences living in one of America's most haunted houses, which sits right down the drive from where the Manson Family murders took place 43 years ago. Sound interesting? You bet it does. Check out a few exclusive images from the flick along with some captured photographic evidence and several videos including a piece done on the home via the TV series "EXTRA" below.

Can a 36-year-old mass-murder haunt four people enough to rip open a doorway to the past and catapult them back in time to the night of one of Hollywood’s most horrible ritual slayings?

The chatter of a quiet dinner party in posh Oxford Canyon is rudely interrupted as the real truths are set on the table. Fact and fiction intertwine as the couples talk of ghosts and spirits from beyond, which prompts them to take steps that will alter that night and their lives forever.
Inspired by true events that shocked the world and to this day still frighten people everywhere, the film was shot on location on the infamous Cielo Drive a stone's throw away from the site of the Manson/Tate murders.

Supernatural forces from the past transport the dinner guests through time -- back to the night of the original killings. In a cruel twist of fate, they materialize as the soon-to-be victims of the massacre they had been discussing only minutes earlier. Is the knowledge of the future enough to shield them from the horrors of the “helter skelter” mayhem from the past? Can careful plotting overpower the invasion by the most infamous family of mass murderers? Surely, yesterday is finally over. Only time will tell, as the visitors from the house at the end of the drive are swept into a hellstorm of dark forces and fury almost beyond belief.

Which is scarier: the past or the present? Sometimes there is no difference!

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Source: The Official House at the End of the Drive Website



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Hi Un_DOA, I have Plenty of respect for those whose comments are respectful...I take offense with those who do not! My Question to you is? What is your Point? Calling me out because I defend my position? Sorry I am not a DOOR MAT for anyone...If they can dish it out...Then They Certainly Best Be Able to Take It!

Submitted by TheOman on Sat, 06/02/2012 - 4:54pm.

Has anyone on here checked out David Oman's YouTube Videos? I can understand him getting a little upset when someone says that the content on his videos are fake, but David acts like a spoiled child when responding to the doubters, by typing in ALL CAPS and calling the doubters names. He comes off like a spoiled brat, throwing a temper tantrum when he responds. He needs to remember that he's a 38 year old man (pushing 40), instead of acting like a 12 year old little brat.

Submitted by un_DOA on Sat, 06/02/2012 - 8:06am.
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Has Anyone on here Checked Why you care how I respond to Nay Sayers or Disbelievers? I mean Seriously...Skeptics can be Respectful in what they say & how....Period

Submitted by TheOman on Sat, 06/02/2012 - 5:04pm.

Hi David... Sorry for the rant, and I don't expect you to be a door mat, and let people walk all over you. My only problem is the way you respond to people, who say your videos are fake. I feel like you should just respond in a more civil manner, or just ignore the creeps, all together, instead of typing in all caps, and calling them names. Anyhow, that is none of my business about how you respond to the unbelievers. Personally, I don't think that your videos are fake, and I wish you all the best with your film.



Submitted by un_DOA on Sun, 06/03/2012 - 3:45am.
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Hi Un_DOA, I completely understand your point and to be honest...I have seriously stopped responding to most of the Skeptics comments, as I can not convince anyone of what is real or faked. I appreciate your comments and point of view, I apologize for my gruff response initially as well. Thanks for your support.

David Oman

Submitted by TheOman on Sun, 06/03/2012 - 6:19am.

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