Check Out the Pilot for New Mondo Media Series Slash 'Em

We got a first look at the pilot for a new animated horror/comedy short that Mondo Media would like to turn into a series. Mondo is the company that produces Happy Tree Friends and now they want to bring you Slash 'Em.

The pilot for Slash 'Em was directed by Tony Grillo who also voices a character. The rest of the cast consists of Amber Nash (the voice of Pam on tv's "Archer"), Marsha Crenshaw, Kevin Gillese. The short also features several artists and animators that worked on "Archer" as well, like Adam Toews, Kim Feigenbaum, Rod Ben and Jennifer Montes.

Take a look at this funny short below. With enough views, Mondo Media will continue to produce new episodes. Dig it!

Check Out the Pilot for New Mondo Media Series Slash 'Em

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James Coker's picture

this seems like it could be a fun little show

Submitted by James Coker on Tue, 05/29/2012 - 1:36am.

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