Discover the Alien Origin of Life on Earth in the Trailer for The Asylum’s Latest Found Footage Movie

Discover the Alien Origin of Life on Earth in the Trailer for The Asylum’s Latest Found Footage MovieI’m starting to feel like The Asylum’s public relations person this week. My fourth Asylum story in seven days about their fourth new release in barely over a month, the sci-fi found footage shocker Alien Origin

In the past week I’ve reported on their Syfy bound Bigfoot, their big screen bound Don’t Hold Your Breath, their 2013 mockbuster Atlantic Rim, and now the trailer has emerged for their newest we-swear-what-you-are-about-to-see-is-100%-real found footage flick Alien Origin.

Recently discovered footage from a lost military expedition exposes a horrifying truth about the genesis of life on earth.

The footage must be completely real because there is no IMDB page and The Asylum’s own website lists the credits as the following:

Produced by: N/A
Directed by: N/A
Written by: N/A
Cinematography by: N/A
Starring: N/A

It really is amazing how The Asylum year-after-year keeps getting its hands on such startling footage proving the existence of ghosts, aliens, and giant tentacles living beneath Japan. You’d think they would have won a Pulitzer by now for breaking such earth-shattering news.

Though Alien Origin doesn’t appear to have a lot in common with Prometheus, it’s hard not to believe the June 12th DVD/VOD release date wasn’t specifically chosen to coincide with the premiere of Ridley Scott’s summer blockbuster.

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I have to at least give The Asylum credit for having most of their bases covered. I'd love to see a G.I. Joes rip-off from The Asylum.

Submitted by LSD Zombie on Fri, 05/25/2012 - 4:57pm.

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