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It’s no secret that October is our favorite month of the year here at Dread Central! I mean what’s not to like? Halloween is just a few days away, there’s good shit on TV and in theatres all month, we have some killer contests happening, and best of all, our main man with the web skills, Jon “Value” Condit, has tricked out our site with some new treats!

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s some new shit up there in the navigation bar.

Hint: Look up. Read. See? Good.

Man, oh man. News. We report a lot of news. Dread Central is updated just about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our new Archives section makes sifting through the stories about your favorite fear films a hell of a lot easier. Give it a spin!

Also, we now fully support user Blogs. That’s right, kids. You’ve all listened to the DC staff spout off about the type of stuff we love and hate. Now it’s your turn. Share what’s on your mind with other horror fans, and show us what you got. Ya never know, you may just end up writing for us one day. We pay jack-shit, but just think of the cred!

And finally, we now have a Chat Room. This room will be utilized in the near future for celebrity chats and other assorted surprises. It, like our forums, is open all night. Stop in for some horror themed bullshittin’ sessions.

Check out some screen shots:

New Dread Central features (click for larger image) New Dread Central features (click for larger image) New Dread Central features (click for larger image)

Nifty, eh? Make sure to register for our forums to start using the Blog and Chat Room features. Stay tuned for more goodies as they come!

Uncle Creepy

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