B-Sides: She's Certainly Got Big Guns

“Guns” is the theme song to a film of the same name about Playboy Playmates battling international terrorists. Cynthia Brimhall's measurements are listed as 36-25-36 so it is safe to say everything about this weekend's B-Sides is truly "B" except for her bra size.

The late, great Andy Sidaris made quite a name for himself producing a string of drive-in caliber direct-to-video T&A action flicks starring scantily-clad starlets and brawny beefcakes engaging in all-manner of crime fighting, counter-terrorism, espionage, skinny-dipping, shower montages, and frequent horizontal mamboing. The movies boasted titles like Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Fit to Kill, and Hard Hunted. Sidaris' films were like "Charlie's Angels" taken to their logical R-rated conclusion with casts top-loaded with ex-Playboy Playmates.

Actress, singer, and October 1985 Playboy Playmate of the Month Cynthia Brimhall appeared in five of Sidaris' flicks as half-naked Vegas nightclub singer/secret agent Edy Stark and performed songs for several.

Such was the case with 1990’s Guns, in which glamorous government agents masquerading as Hawaiian hard bodies and Las Vegas nightclub performers did battle with a dangerous South American gunrunner known as "Jack of Diamonds", played by Erik Estrada at his Estrada-est.

Guns opens with the lovely Miss Brimhall on stage in skimpy lingerie performing a song bearing the same name as the film. As I suspect to be the case with most of the men in the audience in the scene and the majority of those viewing the film, I couldn't judge Brimhall's singing because that's not what has my attention. She's certainly got big guns.

B-Sides: She's Certainly Got Big Guns

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Matt Serafini's picture

Got my attention.

I will have to seek this out. Never seen it.

Submitted by Matt Serafini on Sat, 05/19/2012 - 10:06am.

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