Bruce Talks Home Invasion

Chin action!The people over at Home Media Magazine recently sat down to chat with cult hero Bruce Campbell about his current and future plans. While there are not real big revelations to be had, we do get a few bits of much needed information regarding DVDs and releases. Check out part of the interview below.

HM: What can you say about the DVD of My Name Is Bruce, the upcoming film you directed?

Campbell: The DVD is going to wait until we can do a proper theatrical release first. We are madly racing to finish up the film. Look for the film in the first half of ’08 — 100% guaranteed.

And sadly, a follow up to Bubba Ho-Tep is still Bruce-less…

HM: Recently you’ve said you weren’t going to be involved with a sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep. Is that still the case? Can you tell us anything on that front, such as if Paul Giamatti has been nailed down to star?

Campbell: That’s a bit of a silly question. Since I’m not involved, how would I know any more details? I do wish the film — and Paul G. and [director] Don Coscarelli — well

At least we got a little more info on when we can expect to see My Name is Bruce! To see the rest of the interview click here.


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