New Punishment Trailer and Artwork Found Down the Road

Some new artwork and a trailer for Punishment (known as Down the Road (review here) Stateside) has come our way, and we have the goods for you cold off the slab right here. Dig it and revel in one father's revenge!

Written and directed by Jason Christopher, Punishment stars Brian Gallagher, Jen Dance, David J. Bonner, Chelsey Garner, Shaun Paul Costello, and Matthew Nadu.

Hunter Isth (BRIAN GALLAGHER) has his life turned upside down when his young daughter is killed by a drunk teenage driver. In mourning, depression, and anger, Hunter disappears and is rumored to have moved away from Braiden Woods. As years go by, Hunter and his devastating story evolve into a myth, a myth that many consider being just that, until a group of partying teenagers are brutally murdered one by oneā€¦

New Punishment Trailer and Artwork Found Down the Road

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