UPDATE: Massive Genre Cast for Black Friday

Black Friday posterSince it’s Black Friday, I guess this is an appropriate time to discuss Black Friday the movie, eh? A horror movie by horror fans for horror fans; we’ve all heard that one before, but how often does it actually feel that way when we sit down to see the final product?

Maybe Black Friday will be one of those we can cite as an example of it being done right down the road, despite it sounding a bit too much like a standard slasher film. Director Ethan Terra dropped a ton of info out there today about his movie, as well as its inevitable sequel, which currently has Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Sage Stallone, Tiffany Shepis (yum), Betsy Palmer, Jack Osbourne (!), Alex Vincent, David Hess, Ari Lehman, Ezra Buzzington and a helluva lot more horror names and faces attached to star in it.

That’s really a ridiculous amount of people. Seriously. Something tells me most will be relegated to nothing more than cameos, but we do know that Hodder and Tony Todd both have major roles.

So what is Black Friday about? The story starts twenty years ago in Lehi, Arizona, where 10-year-old Tyler Hillburg kills his mother and her lover in cold blood on the 4th of July. That Friday — Black Friday — would be a day Lehi never forgot. It doesn’t end there though. The bloodshed is far from over.

Terra told Fango, “I really wanted to do an up-to-date film while embracing the feel of classic chillers, and that’s what Black Friday’s all about. It’s chock full of the suspense that modern-day horror movies have forgotten about. I really want to give the audience that suspense of ‘the killer is everywhere.’ Black Friday is really a tribute to the pioneers of horror.”

The sequel is being written by our own Joe Knetter as we speak, which means we can expect a serious amount of fucked-upness to come out of it. That’s all well and fine, but let’s see if the original film is any good before we start worrying too much about a sequel.

Check out the Black Friday MySpace page for more info and some behind-the-scenes test footage. We’ll keep our eyes on it, of course, and let you know when the film actually gets rolling, which should be in the next few weeks.

Johnny Butane

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