More Sasquatchploitation Stomps Forward!

Sasquatch Vs. Yeti!It was bound to happen sooner or later: Sasquatch vs. Yeti. I don’t believe the humongous hairy hominid of forest and swamplands and his frosty Himalayan cousin have ever actually met on film – until now. As evidenced by the film’s title, I’m guessing they’re not on speaking terms.

Arrow in the Head got first word on this Gigantopithecus battle royale from the filmmaker. As of now there’s isn’t much by way of details regarding the actual plot to the film to be directed by one Jonathan Moody and co-written by Keith Stoddard, but then isn’t the plot pretty much obvious? It’s a movie called Sasquatch vs. Yeti, for crying out loud. All we need is a means by which to arrive at a meeting ground, a reason to be pissed at one another, and some characters that make the mistake of getting in the middle of their epic smackdown.

Things are still in the pre-production stage. In the meantime, check out the film’s official MySpace page for further updates on the impending war of the abominables.

It’s funny how just when it appeared as if the red hot just a year or two ago Sasquatchploitation genre was starting to die down, suddenly it’s firing up again.

Fangoria is reporting that on February 12th Lionsgate Home Entertainment will be releasing to DVD Primal, a new killer Bigfoot flick I reported on some months back (“Bigfoot Goes Primal” – July 2007). This Halcyon International Pictures flick has environmentalists on a survey mission in unchartered woodland being hunted down by a hungry Sasquatch. The trailer for Primal can be viewed by clicking here.

Yet more Bigfoot bad assery is in the works in the form of Synthetic Cinema International’s simplistically titled Sasquatch Assault. No details as of now are available for the still in development flick, but judging by its title I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it’ll have to do with one or more Sasquatch assaulting people.

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