#SDCC14: Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell Take Evil Dead to Television

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#SDCC14: Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell Take Evil Dead to TelevisionConsidering that NBC’s “Hannibal” is currently home to some of the most graphic violence imaginable, it’s not surprising to see other splatter-y franchises making a dash for the small screen. The latest? Why, none other than “Evil Dead.”

There’s really nothing to report at this point beyond the headline. While on a panel for Screen Gems’ forthcoming The Last of Us movie, The Evil Dead director Sam Raimi let it slip that he is working on an iteration of Evil Dead for the small screen, and that Bruce Campbell would be involved.

Army of Darkness co-writer, Ivan Raimi will be co-writing this series with Sam. And that’s literally all there is to know at this point.

Are we excited about this? It’s hard to imagine seeing Ash again after all this time, and without the kinetic camerawork that graces Raimi’s movies. But we have to believe this would open up the mythos quite a bit, and that could actually be pretty interesting. There’s no way I’m ready to cry foul at all the potential.

When will we hear more? Hard to say, but watch this space and you’ll know it when we do.

Evil Dead

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  • kiddcapone

    My major concern is that Evil Dead works best because it’s a rollercoaster ride through hell for one night. Dead by dawn, dead by dawn…You really feel for the character of Ash because you’re like, holy fuck, what else can these demons throw at him next before the night ends…the whole thing works because it’s BAM BAM BAM BAM…You don’t have a chance to catch your breath…

    If this was spread out over a 12 episode season, I have absolutely no idea how they can possibly pull it off or continue for multiple seasons.

    I just don’t see it happening…BUT, I hope I’m wrong and they have something up their sleeve that is totally unexpected. UNLESS, they are going to make a series picking up after Army of Darkness, THEN, that could work…very easily. So, we shall see what they have in mind.

  • addeisdead

    A 12-episode series on a premium network like HBO or Showtime could turn out to be a decent surprise. Even with all the boundaries that NBC pushed with gore in Hannibal, I don’t the major networks could pull it off as well.

  • MonsterMash

    No. Nope. No. No. No. Nonononononononono. no. Fuck I liked the remake but either follow this up with a sequel or drop it altogether. There’s no way in hell this’ll turn out as a quality series.

    • Gus Bjork

      I dunno. I had a similar first reaction to Fargo being a limited series. It’s one of my all time favorite movies and figured no way would it work. But it did. And I think Evil Dead could too. I’ll probably get super-flamed for this but I would like to see it counter Walking Dead and it’s ilk. Something besides Mope and Dope.

      • Matt Serafini

        No, I agree.

        “Hannibal” taught me a valuable lesson.

        That is to stop having knee-jerk reactions like a fanboy and give horror television a chance. If it sucks, it sucks. But there’s no reason to condemn something when zero information is available.

        • MonsterMash

          Right well save for Hannibal how many horror TV series are there that are consistently good? One pleasant surprise produced by entirely different people doesn’t mean anything. Sure that’s an opinionated question, but I’d be willing to be that number is very low for just about everyone. The evil dead is not TV material. Hannibal is feasible because it doesn’t need to rely on people driving to the woods every week to be killed in watered down TV fashion. TV has gotten more lenient, but not Evil Dead lenient. If I’m wrong I’ll eat my words but really, holding out hope for this is like holding out hope Platinum Dunes will churn out a genre classic. And as far as fanboying(if that’s the term) goes, keep in mind I’m not the one attending Comic-con or anticipating any material with a brand-name attached to it just because I liked the prior material produced more than thirty years ago. Raimi’s track record lately is just another reason of several to be hesitant towards this one.

          • frank_dracman

            Raimi’s track record? I know we went over this already. Aside from Oz the man makes quality movies and I’m sure if anyone could make a series work, it would be him. That being said, however, I agree with you. The Evil Dead, as we know it, wouldn’t work as series because of the issues you already stated.

            Now if the show focused on the Necromonicon, the aftermath of the cabin incident, the origins of the deadites or anything that involves time travel it COULD work. Maybe. Big maybe.

            I’m certainly not getting my hopes up but I’m not bringing out the pitchforks and gasoline either.