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Friday the 13th Sequel UpdateA few weeks ago the next Friday the 13th was reported to be in 3D. Recently, though, Bloody Disgusting caught up with Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller, who said that things aren’t exactly set in stone just yet.

“I can’t make any determination about found footage or 3D until we have a story that we all agree on and that we all like. The story is the most important thing, and the way you tell the story, to me, is secondary,” said Fuller.

He continued, “We have some writers writing, but, because we don’t have a script that everyone has signed off on, I can’t speak to how the story is meant to be told. All of those things have been considered, but no decisions have been made. We don’t know what story is being told.”

Director David Bruckner (The Signal, V/H/S) was in talks to helm the new film, but nothing has been confirmed as of press time. Friday the 13th is slated to be in theatres on November 13, 2015.

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  • Rob

    I had this idea a while back about a group of teens who go up to the woods to party and then get taken hostage by a few gun toting bounty hunters who plan to use them as bait to nab Jason Voorhees, and things go horribly wrong. And have someone get impaled on their gun ALA Pumpkinhead.

    But anyway, I only care about this if they get Derek Mears back.

  • LSD Zombie

    I still love the idea of Jason picking off teenagers one by one during a snow storm. That would be bad-ass!

  • Cinemascribe

    “The story is the most important thing, and the way you tell the story, to me, is secondary.”

    With all due repsect to everyone involved, is Fuller kidding? It’s a Friday the 13th movie, man. A six and a half foot tall , 300 lb, ridiculously unstoppable zombie wearing a hockey mask stomps through the woods hacking teenagers to death in a variety of ways using an assortment of dangerous hardware. That’s the story. Let’s not ascribe more integrity to this franchise than it’s due. This isn’t The Exorcist or Silence of the Lambs were talking about, it’s Friday the 13th. The entire series has always lived and died on one thing : How awesome the kills are. The “story” is always a bare bones framework on which to hang a series of increasingly gory and brutal death scenes, even in entries like Jason Lives, which actually did have something of a plot.

    This isn’t rocket science and Fuller may be overthinking it.

    Here’s what you do, Brad: Get a group of seven to ten attractive teenagers. Put them in the woods near Crystal Lake at a house or a cabin and have them begin a weekend of wild debauchery. Let them get naked from time to time. Send Jason in there with his trusty machete and any power tools he can get his hands on and let him conjure up a whole new set of inventive kills. Make sure you use old school makeup and prosthetics for the visual effects. Let blood squibs be actual blood squibs and when a decapitation happens or a head explodes, make sure an actual model head is involved every time. Leave the digital crap for films about giant robots duking it out. Film everything traditionally, at no time resorting to found footage techniques. Set none of it in underground tunnels. There. I just wrote the Friday the 13th sequel for you. You’re welcome.

    • frank_dracman

      I thought the exact same thing. Fuller wouldn’t know a good story if it swam up his urethra and deployed spikes. I have zero hope for this franchise anymore.

      • MonsterMash

        Likewise. in capable hands, they could churn out a dozen more on par or nearly with those of the 80’s, but it all goes back to whose making it.

  • FutureZombie

    This one better deliver.