New Friday Details Revealed

New Friday details!So it seems, much like the internet, Camp Crystal Lake is really just a series of tubes. Who knew?
Such is the claim of Devin over at CHUD, who got his hands on an early draft of the new Friday the 13th script, which just got itself a new director (“Friday’s New Director” – November 2007) and a release date; February 13th, 2009.

Devin explains how the new movie will get around the fact that Jason wasn’t seen as the Jason we know him as till the third movie in the original series (when the new film starts he’s already a legend), as well as where the redux will go from there. Doesn’t sound like it’ll be anything too new, save for the tube thing I mentioned and the fact that Jason is 100% human in this film, but you know we’ll be on this like white on rice going forward.

Check all the possible spoilers on CHUD for the full story!

Johnny Butane

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Wonder how they’ll sequelize him if he’s human in the Dread Central forums!


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Johnny Butane