Chilling Video Captures Ghostly Entity Hovering Over Man’s Bed

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Chilling Video Captures Ghostly Entity Hovering Over Man's BedWhat’s going on in your bedroom while you sleep? It’s a horrifying thought and a question you’ve likely pondered on at least a handful of occasions as you drifted off to dream world. Do you dare set up cameras and find out like the ill-fated characters in the Paranormal Activity movies?

One curious man recently did, prompted to do so after many sleepless nights and lingering feelings that something wasn’t quite right. On a hunch, the man set up a camera pointing at his bed and left the lights on as he slept in the hopes of capturing anything usual.

And boy, did he ever!

In the video, posted over on YouTube channel Altered Dimensions, a strange shadowy figure is seen hovering over the man’s bed, briefly appearing for just a few seconds. Apparently he didn’t even notice the figure upon his initial viewing of the footage but took a second look when he detected a spike in audio.

Check out the chilling video below, and pay particular attention at the 18-second mark!

Chilling Video Captures Ghostly Entity Hovering Over Man's Bed

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John Squires

I have a beard. And three cats.

  • Terminal

    So staged and poorly at that.

  • Steve Barton

    yeah… I think I’m gonna call bullshit on this one. It’s too perfect to be real. Most likely a video program overlaying an image. It’s muy Nosferatu!