The Gasp Menagerie: Woman Claims Grandma Sent Selfie From Hell

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The Gasp Menagerie: Woman Claims Grandma Sent Selfie From HellLately, I’d venture that 90% of all photos taken by humans have been selfies. The advent of smartphones with cameras pointed backwards brought forth a plague of narcissistic photography as well as horrors such as the “duck face.”

According to the Daily Mail, a Romanian woman is claiming that even her grandmother is getting into the act and has sent her a selfie.

The problem is grandma died three years ago.

That alone would put a damper on any good mood you might be in. What’s worse, the report says, is that grandma doesn’t look happy and has a snake around her neck. She hated and feared them in life, and a fortune teller that the granddaughter consulted with said grandma was being “punished” in the afterlife.

That’s right, folks…granny sent a selfie from HELL.

Looking at it, the only thing certain is that it’s one very, very weird and disturbing photo.

According to Romanian tradition, a “service of alms” is taken every year to the cemetery where loved ones are buried. The food is offered for their souls, even though at the end of the day it’s given to the poor.

It seems that Gina Mihai, the granddaughter, hadn’t done this since grandma died, and the punishment is due to this omission. Now she’s making up for it by bringing donuts to the cemetery every day for forty days to make amends, per the recommendation of a local priest. Doing so should snatch grandma from the reptilian punishment and put her in better post-life digs.

Cell phone photos from the grave, Romania, fortune tellers, and donuts… You just can’t make this stuff up!

Ghost Selfie

Ghost Selfie

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