Friday’s New Director

Marcus Nispel ready to helm Friday the 13th reduxMarcus Nispel came on the scene, dragging fans kicking and screaming with him into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake back in 2003. Since then he’s not done a lot of note, but according to The Hollywood Reporter he’s set to take over the reigns of another great horror franchise, Friday the 13th, which will definitely get him back into the horror limelight.

The Platinum Dunes-produced revamp will be working from a script by Freddy Vs. Jason screenwriters Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, and all that’s know about it now is that it will feature Jason and his infamous mask throughout, despite being a “remake” of the first film, in which Jason only appeared, sans mask of course, at the very end.

You may recall that Darkness Falls director Joseph Liebsman (who, ironically some may say, directed Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) has been the #1 named attached to direct the redux since it was first announced, so it’s a bit encouraging that they’re trying someone else on. Too bad it’s not Joe Lynch…

More on the franchise reboot as we learn it!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Messiahman

    I always thought Liebesman was a stylish director — his stuff has a polished, stylish look to it. He shoots tight and atmospheric stuff. That’s not saying that the scripts have been good, in the least.

  • Bone Daddy

    Friday the 13th franchise is horrid. The first one was ok-for its time and is the best of the lot. I’ll pass on this-watch it on Monsters HD

  • Sirand


  • Johnny Butane

    Wait, how is Liebsman “styilsh” all of a sudeen?

  • Messiahman

    So let’s see here…they jettisoned a great script by Mark Wheaton, got rid of stylish director Liebesman, who would’ve knocked the material outta the park. Now they’re working with the director of the vapid PATHFINDER.

    Jesus, this is gonna suck harder than I thought sucking was possible.

    And sadly, it’ll still pull in a ton of green.

  • Terminal

    More crap from the crap factory, yay!