More Jennifer’s Body Info!

Megan Fox makes sitting in a chair sexy...Some more details about Jennifer’s Body have surfaced over at The Hollywood Reporter that shed light onto the project even more than it was first announced (“Fox to Show Off Jennifer’s Body” – October 2007).

As we originally told you, Megan Fox will star as a cheerleader who becomes possessed by a demon and starts feeding off the boys in her small Minnesota town. What we’ve learned is that it’s up to her best friend, a plain Jane type, to track down the Satanic rock band who caused the girl to be possessed in the first place. Brilliant! We haven’t had a good devil-worshiping rock band story in years!

Juno director Jason Reitman will co-produce Jennifer’s Body from a script by Juno penner Diablo Cody. “Comedy and horror have always been inescapable cousins,” Reitman told the trade. “They both draw a similar type of storyteller, one who wants to manipulate the audience. Whether you want to make an audience laugh or you want to make an audience freak out, you’re looking for a similar firsthand relationship with the viewer where you are pushing them to react.”

Well, that’s the right attitude, now we just have to hope they pull if off. So far I’m intriguied!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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