Happywax's Video Vault: Watch Your Favorite Game Characters Kick-Ass

The latest episode of The Doomgoryum Report web show introduces us to a fan-made vault classic based off the highly successful video game Left 4 Dead.

In this fan-made trailer/short film directed by Adrian Picardi and produced by Eric Ro, known for Syfy's Resistance, we are introduced to all our favorite game characters in one kick-ass video!

About Doomgoryums Horror Emporium
Doomgoryums Horror Emporium is a website run by two horror fans who call themselves Axe Master and Happywax. Their web show offers up reviews and news on all of the horror content you can stomach!

About Adrian Picardi and Eric Ro
Adrian Picardi was born and raised in South Pasadena, California. In 2006 he graduated from the Los Angeles Film School and jumped into the industry as an editor for Television. Picardi continued his directing career by independently producing a series of award winning projects. In 2008, Picardi teamed up with entrepreneur, Scott Bayless, and Producer, Eric Ro, to create a production company based in Downtown Los Angeles, called Northern Five Entertainment. Picardi’s wide range of skills, experience, and talents have been displayed time and time again, which have been extremely valuable towards every phase of the film making process.

Eric Ro has always had a dear affinity for cinema and filmmaking. With many years of on-set experience, his leadership skills from development to post-production have been proven countless times. Well rounded technically and creatively, his versatility and resourcefulness proves a great asset, in addition to his strong relationships within the industry that ensure solid delivery of every final product. Currently, he is one of the co-founders and producer of Northern Five Entertainment along with Adrian Picardi and Scott Bayless. Eric has produced numerous music videos, including Sony BMG’s Automatic Love Letters Makeup Smeared Eyes and most recently Evan’s blue, “Erase My Scars”. He also has a epic action series called the Resistance under the N5 umbrella.

To learn more, visit the official Doomgoryums Horror Emporium website or the HappywaxYoutube Channel. If you loved the film featured in this episode, then visit the official Northern Five Entertainment website.

Happywax's Video Vault: Watch Your Favorite Game Characters Kick-Ass

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Nadine L'Esperance's picture

Doomgoryums Horror Emporium is totally awesome!!I also like the new Video Vault.Very entertaining!

Submitted by Nadine L'Esperance on Sat, 04/14/2012 - 12:45pm.

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