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The Gasp Menagerie: Newly Stabilized Patterson Bigfoot Film Released



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The Gasp Menagerie: Newly Stabilized Patterson Bigfoot Film ReleasedThe Patterson-Gimlin film is the holy grail of cryptozoology. It’s just that simple. For those of you unfamiliar with the film, it goes like this: In fall 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin were out looking for Bigfoot.

Patterson had rented a 16mm camera to both hunt for Bigfoot and search out locations for a potential fictional film about the beast.

As Gimlin and Patterson rounded a corner in a dry creekbed, they and their horses spotted what can only be described as a Bigfoot. Larger than a man, covered in fur, with a loping, strange gait, the creature walks away from the men. Patterson gets his horse under control, grabs his camera, and begins shooting. The result is the most compelling evidence of large primates in North America that has ever been collected.

Everyone has seen the film or stills from it. Now, on YouTube, from user Greenwave2010fb, we have a series of videos created from the Patterson-Gimlin film. Using new software, the film has been stabilized so that maximum details of the subject can be seen. (Note: We’re not sure if this user did the stabilization or is reposting video from another source.)


The primary video, a stabilized version of the best frames of the film, clearly shows the details that have intrigued cryptozoologists for decades: the pointed saggital crest (top of head), the long thigh and arms, the swaying breasts…

Yes, the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot is a female. The breasts are impossible to miss in this stabilized video, and to me they’re the lynchpin to proving this is real footage of an unknown creature.

Let me elaborate for a minute.

There is a great deal of debate about this film and its authenticity. Much of it stems from Patterson’s stated goal to make a Bigfoot film for Hollywood. The guy set out to make a fictional film with costumes and actors so this is that film, right?

The breasts are the biggest reason why I say no.

Think about it for a second. If you’re going to fake a Bigfoot film, why make the beast a female? Breasts are very difficult to create realistically in a suit of this sort. The way they move under the fur would have been extremely hard to simulate using 1967 costuming. Why add difficulty to a hoax? Why not just make the creature male and avoid the hassle? Psychologically, it doesn’t work at all. It makes no sense. It only works if this is actually a female primate.

Back to the video, this provides a much better view than the shaky, hard to watch version I grew up with. You can see the muscles moving under the fur. That’s still something so difficult to do that we use CGI for it; it’s not worth the effort to do it practically. You can see movement in the hands, which, when the arm bones are measured, do not match up with human anatomy. And yes, you can see those big hairy double-d’s swaying with the walk.

It’s long been claimed by several people that they created this suit or could create it. FX genius Stan Winston, God bless him, stated it was a “cheap monkey suit…” and yet never duplicated it. In fact, nobody has ever duplicated the Patterson-Gimlin film. Attempts have been made, and the efforts have been laughable. Even using budgets unavailable to Roger Patterson and materials unavailable in 1967, no one has yet been able to reproduce every aspect of the beast in this film.

Check out the videos below and see what you think. If it’s a hoax, how?

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Ellen Page and The Cured Come Home to VOD



We’ve been talking about the new zombie flick starring Ellen Page entitled The Cured for quite some time now, and we’ll soon be able to sink our teeth into it courtesy of IFC Films.

The flick stars Page (Juno, Hard Candy), Sam Keeley (Anthropoid, In the Heart of the Sea), Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Avengers: Infinity War, The Infiltrator), and Paula Malcomson (The Hunger Games trilogy, “Ray Donovan”) and is directed and written by David Freyne in his first feature film. Look for it in theaters and On Demand on February 23, 2018​.

What happens when the undead return to life? In a world ravaged for years by a virus that turns the infected into zombie-like cannibals, a cure is at last found and the wrenching process of reintegrating the survivors back into society begins. Among the formerly afflicted is Senan (Sam Keeley), a young man haunted by the horrific acts he committed while infected. Welcomed back into the family of his widowed sister-in-law (Ellen Page), Senan attempts to restart his life—but is society ready to forgive him and those like him? Or will fear and prejudice once again tear the world apart? 

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#Brainwaves Episode 74 Guest Announcement: Creature Designer Mike Hill – The Shape of Water and More!



We’re getting monstrous on Episode 74 of Brainwaves Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio as joining us will be award-winning artist, filmmaker, and creature designer Mike Hill, whose work you can see right now in a little film called The Shape of Water.

Join us this coming Wednesday, January 24th, at 8:00PM PT/11:00PM ET for all the shenanigans fit to be had!

It’s radio without a safety net, kids. It’s Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio.


Listen to Stitcher

Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio is available to subscribe to on iTunes and Stitcher.

Spooky, funny, touching, honest, offensive, and at times completely random, Brainwaves airs live every Wednesday evening beginning at 8:00 PM Pacific Time (11:00 midnight Eastern Time) and runs about 3 hours per episode.

Knetter and Creepy will be taking your calls LIVE and unscreened via Skype, so let your freak flags fly! Feel free to add BrainWavesTalk to your Skype account so you can reach us, or call in from a landline or cellphone – 858 480 7789. The duo also take questions via Twitter; you can reach us at @BrainwavesRadio or @UncleCreepy, @JoeKnetter, or @MrDarkDC using the hashtag #BrainWaves. You can also check us out on our Brainwaves Discord channel!

Have a ghost story or a paranormal story but can’t call in? Feel free to email it to me directly at with “Brainwaves Story” in your subject line. You can now become a fan of the show via the official… BRAINWAVES FACEBOOK PAGE!

Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio is hosted live (with shows to be archived as they progress) right here on Dread Central. You can tune in and listen via the FREE TuneIn Radio app or listen to TuneIn right through the website!

For more information and to listen live independent of TuneIn, visit the Deep Talk Radio Network website, “like” Deep Talk Radio on Facebook, and follow Deep Talk Radio on Twitter. And don’t forget to subscribe to Brainwaves on iTunes.

Brainwaves Contact!

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The Saw Chapter Comes to Dead By Daylight January 23!



Time to play a game of Dead by Daylight! We told you last week that none other than Jigsaw would be coming to the hit PC and console game, and today we have a brand new trailer for you detailing what to expect when the hardest working corpse in cinema history gets digitized for an all-new adventure.

Let’s Play a Game… The Pig is here to create a whole new version of hell for all Survivors. Mentored by Jigsaw, she comes carrying Reverse Bear Traps into the Realm of the Entity. So if you’re gonna play, you have to accept that the stakes are high. The SAW Chapter comes with a New Killer (The Pig), a new Survivor (David Tapp), and a new Map (Gideon Meat Plant).

Jigsaw joins the previously released original killers alongside Freddy Krueger 2010, Michael Myers, and Leatherface.

For more info:

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