Everyone’s Batty for Bats 2 Tonight!

Bats: Human HarvestSure there’s the Afterdark Horrorfest and P2 in theaters this weekend, but why shell out your hard earned money to go somewhere to watch a potentially great movie when you can stay home and watch a made-for-television sequel to Bats premiering on the Sci-Fi Channel tonight? What possible reason would you have not to do so? Everyone loved Bats! I loved Bats! You love Bats! Everyone loved Bats! Unquestionably the greatest movie ever made about killer bats starring Lou Diamond Philips, Dina Meyer, and a guy known only as Leon, who didn’t come away from watching Bats saying to themselves, “Gimme more of that please!” Tonight the Sci-Fi Channel gives you what you want!

This time special forces soldiers fight the flesh-eating flying foxes. Isn’t that already better than watching a Texas sheriff and some bat scientist battling bats? Kind of gives it a Aliens vibe, huh? Killer super bats have been genetically bred to hunt down terrorists in the caves of Afghanistan; it seems they can easily eat a person alive but can’t differentiate between the taste of Islamofacism and freedom.

All the information you need is right there in that little graphic enclosed, but if you can’t see it then I’ll just write that Bats: Human Harvest premieres Saturday, November 10th (That would be tonight!) at 9/8 Central and again at 1/Midnight Central. If you’re seeing this too late to clear your calendar for this television event, you get another shot on Thursday, November 15th, again at 9/8 Central. No excuses, people!

If it’ll further sweeten the pot for you, one of those soldiers is played by a guy who used to fill a pair of trunks on Baywatch. Come on; when has a Sci-Fi Channel movie starring a former cast member of Baywatch ever sucked?

The Foywonder

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