8-Bit Kill Bill Game Will Gouge Your Eyes Out!

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8-Bit Kill Bill Game Will Gouge Your Eyes Out!It’s 3AM and you are torn. Should you watch both volumes of Kill Bill or breathe new life into your geriatric NES and fire up Bad Dudes? This is the question that drove Buddah insane. But fret not for CineFix has saved your sanity in the form of 8-Bit Cinema’s Kill Bill (Vols. 1 and 2).

8-Bit Cinema re-imagines film classics like A Clockwork Orange and the latest offering, Kill Bill, into short films with 8-bit video game graphics, giving them the feel that they are being played on the Nintendo Entertainment System or the coin munchers in the smoke-filled arcades of the 1980’s, teaming with teenage game junkies and low-rent drug dealers.

Just talking about it makes me feel 12 all over again.

The video plays like an arcade side scroller, following the Bride through the major battles of the franchise’s two films. Swords fly and eyes fly even farther as she defeats everyone from O Ren Ishii to the film’s signature badass schoolgirl, Gogo Ubari. It all peaks in the final battle, where the film recreates an arcade-style button sequence to unleash the five-point-palm and kill Bill.

8-Bit Cinema is brought to you by the CineFix collective, which boasts 561,034 YouTube subscriber and whose Facebook page reveals they are the ultimate destination for true movie buffs and filmmakers on Youtube. They host various videos on their channel such as the Homemade Shot for Shot and 7 Facts series, but the centerpiece to the banquet is 8-Bit Cinema.

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  • frank_dracman

    Best thing about this was the music.

    Allow me to put my fanboy hat on…there we go….ahem….those were 16 bit sprites, not 8! Ok, I’m done.

  • kiddcapone

    How can something both be stupid and awesome at the same time?