Legendary Developing Dead Rising Feature Film for Crackle

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Legendary Developing Dead Rising Feature Film for CrackleJust shy of a year after the third installment of Capcom’s hit video game franchise Dead Rising hit stores, we’ve just gotten word that the property is getting a feature film adaptation, which should put a huge smile on the faces of all who dig some good old fashioned undead mayhem.

Per IGN, Legendary has sold the domestic film rights for Dead Rising to Crackle, marking the first release from Legendary’s digital division. The feature film will be exclusively available through the online distributor, followed by an SVOD, DVD, VOD, and TV roll-out.

Content Media Corporation will distribute the movie in both feature-length and episodic formats for all international platforms.

Dead Rising takes place during a large-scale zombie outbreak. When a mandatory government vaccine fails to stop the infection from spreading, the four leads must evade infection while also pursuing the root of the epidemic — with all signs pointing to a government conspiracy. Politics, public paranoia, and media coverage will all play a key role in the movie’s story.

The script will be written by Tim Carter, who will also produce the film alongside Tomas Harlan under their Contradiction Films banner (the same company that produced Mortal Kombat: Legacy). Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers, G.I. Joe) will executive produce.

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  • addeisdead

    I saw (Transfomers, GI Joe) and stopped being as excited.

    • frank_dracman

      To be fair, he’s just producing it. I’m not interested simply because I’m burned out on zombies. Someone start a trend with werewolves, please.

      • Cinemascribe

        You’re not alone.

        One of the ways in which I spend my time is writing short horror fiction. Like any other author, some of the tales I submit make the cut and others the editor in question decides to pass on. It’s a constant process and I consider it my second full time job.

        In the course of this ongoing cycle, experience has trained me to reflexively check the submission guidelines for every market I’m considering, with particular attention being paid to the types of stories they state up front that they do NOT want.

        Guess what’s pretty much at the top of that list with most publishers at present? Yep, zombies. Of the seven potential markets I’ve submitted work to in the past month, six of them mentioned zombies as the number one subject/variety of monster they are sick of reading about (with vampires, werewolves and steampunk also being frequently listed).

        I think it may be time to let the shambling undead lay in their graves for a while. Maybe just allow The Walking Dead to run it’s course and try something else for the forseeable future.

      • addeisdead

        This same guy also “just” produced Constantine, Doom, The Devil Inside, Salt, Man on a Ledge, Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit, and the TV series Zero Hour, in addition to all the Transformers movies and both GI Joe’s. He was also behind 1408, but everyone gets lucky once in a while.

        Producers nearly cast Pamela Anderson as Agent Scully. It was a producer who wanted Kevin Smith to put a giant spider in his Superman script and give him an entirely different costume. Never, ever say “just a producer.”

        • frank_dracman

          LOL 1408 was his lucky hit? Never saw the love for that movie.

          And those films you looked up on IMDB? Some of the other producers of those very same titles have great movies in their history, so that argument is kinda moot. Just a producer. Phft.

          • addeisdead

            Other producers = not this guy, so how is that point any less moot? There’s a very clear pattern with the movies he has produced. They’ve all been empty big budget crap, with few exceptions. Producers have a lot of input, and he is executive producer on this one. I’ll stay skeptical of it until I see a good reason not to.


    This is one of the many games i have wanted to see a film adaptation hope this is done right could be classic!

    • frank_dracman

      They already adapted it. It’s called Dawn of the Dead. 😉