Scream Factory Announces a Blu-ray Title Guaranteed to Make You Squirm

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Scream Factory Announces a Blu-ray Title Guaranteed to Make You SquirmDepending on whom you ask, either the 1976 man-eating worms flick Squirm is an underrated horror gem or a great example of a “so bad it’s good” flick. Scream Factory will give you a chance to decide for yourself on Blu-ray this October.

Today was another one of those days that Scream Factory decided to throw out a surprise announcement on their Facebook page. This time it was the unexpected news a Polyester era nature gone amok camp classic that even “Mystery Science Theater 3000” has dug their hooks into is getting some hi-def Blu-ray love.

Here’s the Scream Factory announcement:

The worms crawl in and out this October when we release the 1976 nature-gone-berserk classic SQUIRM to Blu-ray for the first time in U.S. and Canada!

No details or extras yet but this will be in our “Collector’s Edition” series and new artwork will be revealed soon. Expect exact street date and pre-order links to go up sometime next month.

So there you have it. A Collector’s Edition of Jeff Lieberman’s Squirm on Blu-ray this October. You know what this means?

“Now you gonna be the worm face?”


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