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The Great and Secret Deluxe Edition!



Clive Barker's The Great and Secret Show Deluxe Edition (click for larger image)Love collecting comics but hate having to wait a month to continue your favorite stories? I hear ya! Personally, I love trade paperbacks that cram a few issues into one book. Such is the case with Clive Barker’s The Great and Secret Show courtesy of IDW Publishing!

From the press release:

“Fans of The Great and Secret Show by master-of-horror Clive Barker finally have access to one deluxe edition of the epic journey’s comic book adaptation. Originally published as an ambitious fantasy/horror novel in 1989, IDW Publishing went on to reshape it as a 12-part saga in 2006 and early 2007. Now IDW Publishing is presenting The Great and Secret Show as one complete collection.

Adapted by IDW Publishing’s publisher and editor-in-chief, Chris Ryall, and artist Gabriel Rodriguez, who is also responsible for Beowulf, the collection will be offered in both trade paperback and hardcover editions. This special edition includes complete cover galleries by Rodriguez and Barker and full issue-by-issue annotations by Ryall.

“Chris worked closely with Clive on this adaptation and this edition really showcases the hard work that he and Gabriel put into it,” said Ted Adams, IDW Publishing’s President.

More than a decade after the novel’s original release, the now cult-classic story of The Great and Secret Show is the ultimate battle between good and evil, which spans many decades and dimensions. Central to the story are two men- Nebraska postal clerk Randolph Jaffe and mad-yet-philanthropic scientist Richard Fletcher-who represent light versus dark forces and battle over a mystical sea called Quiddity.

Jaffe wants to access Quiddity’s power, while Fletcher wants to thwart the sea from being ruined. The conflict between the two men becomes a decades-long feud that spans different dimensions, in which love blooms, a town dies, Armageddon begins and the entire human race is affected.

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There’s Drama in the Dark Room in this Restored Cat o’ Nine Tails Clip



The Cat o' Nine Tails Dario Argento

The Cat o' Nine Tails UK Blu-ray Sleeve

Dario Argento’s 1971 classic The Cat o’ Nine Tails is set to whip its way onto a limited edition UK Blu-ray release on January 29, courtesy of Arrow Video.

To celebrate the release, which comes sporting a brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negative, plus an impressive stack of extras (see below for the list), here’s an exclusive clip featuring some of that old Argento giallo goodness we all know, love… and sadly miss.

Extras on this Arrow Video release include:

  • New audio commentary by critics Alan Jones and Kim Newman
  • New interviews with co-writer/director Dario Argento, co-writer Dardano Sacchetti, actress Cinzia De Carolis and production manager Angelo Iacono
  • Script pages for the lost original ending, translated into English for the first time
  • Original Italian and international theatrical trailers
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Candice Tripp
  • Double-sided fold-out poster
  • 4 lobby card reproductions
  • Limited edition booklet illustrated by Matt Griffin, featuring an essay on the film by Dario Argento, and new writing by Barry Forshaw, Troy Howarth and Howard Hughes

When a break-in occurs at a secretive genetics institute, blind puzzle-maker Franco Arnò, who overheard an attempt to blackmail one of the institute’s scientists shortly before the robbery, teams up with intrepid reporter Carlo Giordani to crack the case. But before long the bodies begin to pile up and the two amateur sleuths find their own lives imperilled in their search for the truth. And worse still, Lori, Franco’s young niece, may also be in the killer’s sights…

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Massive Collection of Original Stephen King Manuscripts Tragically Lost in Flood



The last couple of years have seen a massive resurgence in movies and TV adapting the works of noted author Stephen King. We got “The Mist”, “Mr. Mercedes”, “11.22.63”, “Castle Rock”, The Dark Tower, IT, Gerald’s Game, Cell, and more. The power of his words have clearly resonated across generations and are impacting viewers today just as much as they did readers upon release. For Bangor, ME resident Gerald Winters, King’s work is more than a passion, it was his life’s calling.

According to the Maine Public, Winters moved to the United States from Thailand over a year ago and established his own business, Gerald Winters & Son. A rare book store, it was Winters’ intention to collect and store as much of King’s original work as possible, including first editions, manuscripts, signed copies, artwork, and more. The collection numbered in the thousands, a treasure trove of all things King.

Tragically, some 2,000 pieces of his collection was irreparably damaged when a water main burst in front of his business, flooding his store’s basement with several feet of water, soaking everything. “You can’t replace this stuff,” he told the site. He estimates that only 10% of his store’s inventory was okay after the incident.

Many of us have our own personal collections of something, be it movies, books, comics, toys, instruments, records… Whatever it is that you hold dear, that is what Winters felt towards his collection, which included items he traveled the world to acquire. It’s beyond heartbreaking to hear of his story.

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Exclusive: Pop an Eye Out For This Clip From The Midnight Man



Just days ahead of its release, we’ve teamed up with IFC Midnight to bring you an exclusive clip from their upcoming supernatural horror film The Midnight Man, which stars Robert Englund, Lin Shaye, and Gabrielle Haugh. In the clip, we meet Myles, a seemingly meek and timid young man who unfortunately crosses path with the titular demonic creature. What happens next is certainly an eye-popping moment…

The film is directed by Travis Z. (the Cabin Fever remake) and stars Lin Shaye, Robert Englund, Gabrielle Haugh, Grayson Gabriel, Emily Haine.

The Midnight Man hits theaters, VOD, and digital platforms on January 22, 2018.

It was supposed to be just an urban legend… On a snowy night in her grandmother’s sprawling mansion, teenage Alex (Gabrielle Haugh) and her best friend Miles (Grayson Gabriel) discover a mysterious box hidden away in the attic. Inside are instructions for The Midnight Game, an ancient Pagan ritual said to summon the players’ greatest fears. It all seems like harmless fun—until they unleash the terrifying spirit of The Midnight Man, an unholy force who pits them against their darkest demons and dares them to survive. Horror legends Robert Englund and Lin Shaye (A Nightmare on Elm Street) co-star in this terrifying, supernatural game of cat and mouse. Play at your own risk…

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