Teaser Art, Plot for Underground

Underground teaser artWhen the word first came out about Tinieblas Gonzalez’s Underground (“Filmax Goes Underground” – October 2007), there was little to nothing known about the plot.

Thankfully some more info has finally surfaced, as well as the teaser poster you see to your right, so you can make a better judgment on whether this is one to keep an eye on or not. Us? We don’t have a choice, being your news whores and all.

According to info that has now appeared on Filmax’s Underground page, the film deals with an urban legend that began with the industrialization of Spain, where people would take to living underground as opposed to being homeless. A story arises of a creature born of a dead woman who manages to survive, roaming the underground and dismembering anyone who crosses its path. The press comes to call it the Unowned Soul.

A group of graffiti artists, hoping for some media attention, break into a new part of the underground to give it some decoration before its public opening the following day but are forced to retreat farther back into the tunnels when the local Chief of Police shows up to stop them. There, both the police and the artists will meet the one known as the Unowned Soul and, if they’re lucky, their end will come swiftly.

Personally, I think Underground sounds pretty damn interesting so we’ll be staying on top of it as much as we can. If you feel the same, check back for updates!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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