Scoring with Aliens

The man means business!If you didn’t know by now, many of us here at Dread Central are very pumped about Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem. Buz, Andrew Kasch and myself have been waiting for someone to get it right ever since a certain director caused mass nerd hysteria with the first AVP movie (“Dinner for Aliens & Predators“).

From what we’ve seen with the red-band trailer for AVP:R we know that at least the visuals and creatures themselves are on the right track, but what about the other very important aspect of this film, the score?

To help solve this riddle our friends over at Alien Experience sat down with the flicks composer Brian Tyler and got some answers. In regards to the return of familiar Alien and Predator music the maestro had this to say, “There is certainly a militaristic component to this score as well as a eerie component. I love the Aliens score, of course. This score incorporates the creepy tone and complex action. Creating an ebb and flow, an arc, for the music is vastly important. The music needs to tell a story. As a composer, it is vital to help the film tell its story and emphasize the turns of emotion invisible to the audience but nonetheless felt strongly.

The man isn’t messing around. He knows the fans want things that are familiar and he appreciates how the previous scores worked in making the experience of the Alien films that much more enjoyable. If this were left up to Paul Anderson … you know what? Screw him. He deserves no more of our attention, not even insults.


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