Alien Catfish Is the Stuff Nightmares Are Made of

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Alien Catfish is the Stuff Nightmares are Made ofWith the unfortunate passing of H.R. Giger still fresh in our minds, it helps to soften the blow of the loss of the great artist with the fact that his influence will be felt for years to come. For example…

A strange catfish from India has been compared to one of Giger’s most famous creatures, the Alien Xenomorph. Dig it!

The Kryptoglanis shajii is a subterranean catfish that has occasionally been found in springs, wells and flooded rice paddies in the Western Ghats Mountain region of Kerala, India. But goddamn it looks like its right out of Alien! And the top image below with all the teeth and bad attitude make the Kryptoglanis look like it could single-handedly wipe out an Indian village. That is until you look at the lower pix and see the thing is only about the size of a withered pinkie finger and see its potential for destruction is quite minimal.

The fish was discovered as a new species in 2011, but due to odd (but potentially useful) abnormalities in its bone structure, scientists have been hard pressed to name another species of catfish that Kryptoglanis shajii is most closely related. What they do know is it’s a fast-moving meat eater. So let’s just hope no mutations making this think 15-feet long instead of just under 10 centimeters never comes our way. Yikes!

Alien Catfish

Alien Catfish

Alien Catfish

Alien Catfish

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