Godzilla is King of the Worldwide Box Office, Sequel Already Announced

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Godzilla is King of the Worldwide Box Office, Sequel Already AnnouncedThe King of the Monster ruled the box office in a big way, and not just in the United States. Godzilla crushed the world in such convincing manner this weekend that Legendary/Warner Bros couldn’t even wait until the dust settles Monday morning to announce a sequel is on the way.

Initially forecast to only gross somewhere in the $70 million range, Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla stomped expectations bringing in $93.2 million domestically its opening weekend. By comparison, the universally reviled 1998 American Godzilla’s total domestic gross was only $136 million. Even adjusted for inflation this Zilla is expected to do double that of the 1998 flick.

The King of the Monsters is also doing monstrous business internationally except, ironically, in Japan; they won’t get to see the newest incarnation of their homegrown monster until July. The lucrative China market doesn’t get it until next month. Having already opened to an addition $104 million globally, China and Japan could potentially add another $200 million.

So how do you follow news that your movie just scored the second highest opening weekend of the year just $2 million less than Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

You announce a sequel. Duh!

Deadline broke the news Sunday morning that Legendary/Warner Bros have already confirmed Godzilla will rise from the depths once more to almost assuredly fight King Ghidorah or Mothra (I’m just speculating because I’d be stunned if one or both of those iconic Godzilla foes do not appear in a sequel). It remains to be seen if Gareth Edwards will be back at the helm of the confirmed sequel.

Compare this news to that earlier in the week when Legendary honcho Thomas Tull was asked about the prospects of a Pacific Rim sequel and gave a diplomatic deflection that could easily be interpreted to mean it will never happen, let it go already. Sorry, Pacific Rim fans.

Do you think somewhere in Hollywood today a production exec is wondering to himself, “Would audiences would turn out for a gritty mega-budget reboot of Ultraman starring Bryan Cranston? Hmmm…”

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  • LSD Zombie

    Even with it’s shortcomings, I’m still absolutely stunned that some people have a negative opinion of it. The thing that I most wanted Edwards to nail was the Godzilla imagery, and he did so in spades. I also think that they made the right choice by limiting Godzilla’s exposure. The more you show the monster, the less impact the monster will ultimately have. And boy did Godzilla have an impact! The last time I was that excited by seeing a CGI creature (or a practical creature for that matter) was the T-Rex in Jurassic Park.

  • Rottenjesus

    After seeing GODZILLA yesterday and loving the city destroying shit out of it this is AWESOME news!

    I can’t wait!